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Linen Fabric

A classic fabric, made from the fibres of the flax plant it is loved for its beauty, feel, and durability.

Crushed Velvet

Fantastically soft and rich velvet with a heavy crushed finish, creating a semi-metallic look for you.

Plush Velvet

So soft and having comfort feel, yet hard-wearing. Plush Velvet is a super Easy-clean quality fabric that helps to repel the liquids.

Chenille Fabric

This Fabric is very Velvety and shimmery, chenille fabric is a robust and durable fabric for a comfy home look.

Faux Leather

This Mimics genuine leather, and this fabric is a great choice as it is wiped clean and will last longer than any


We Provide genuine Wool, and this fabric is a great choice as it is comfortable and will last longer than any

Why not personalize your sleep experience to suit your exact needs. We can also manufacture to your exact specification.